Bisbee Lotus Sangha

Zen Meditation

Zen in an old mining town in southeastern Arizona

Bisbee Lotus Sangha is a Zen sitting meditation group that combines the teachings of both the Soto and Rinzai lineages of Zen Buddhism. Zen traces its history back through Japan to China where the Indian master Bodhidharma brought Zen in about the year 500. We practice a modern form of Zen that tries to incorporate Zen practice into ordinary life. Our Bisbee sitting group was founded in 2003 by Joel and Suzanne Carp.  We are loosely affiliated with the Diamond Sangha but we function without a teacher and depend on Zazen practice to do its work. Zazen is sitting meditation and it is our primary practice. Everyone is welcome to join us in Zazen.

Zen practice events:

Sunday Service: 9:00 am ;  two 25 minute sits + chanting + walking meditation

Monday Sit: 7:30 pm;  two 25 minute sits

Zen Discussion Group: 6:30 pm, 3rd & 4th Thursdays

We provide sitting cushions for your use. All events are free to the public. No prior meditation experience needed.

Contact us:

Our Zendo is located in the Warren section of Bisbee at 319 Arizona Street in the "Room to Move" studio. The studio is just south of the intersection with Congdon Avenue.

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